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Histopathology Core Facility Manager at Institute of Cancer Research

We currently have a vacancy for a Histopathology Core Facility (HCF) Manager at Senior Scientific Officer (SSO) level to manage effectively all areas of our HCF, which is based within the Royal Marsden Hospital and includes a team of 2 Higher Scientific Officers with anticipation of expansion. Candidates must be State Registered BMS, with experience in a histological working environment and digital pathology. The objective of this post is to provide high level of managerial, scientific and technical support for the laboratory activities in a range of research studies, clinical trials and projects being undertaken in the Breast Cancer Now Toby Robins Research Centre, and its partner institutions. The Facility Manager will be responsible for the management of staff, budget, resources, and service provision, as well as general advice on histopathology and immunohistochemistry. The post holder will also work closely with the Lead Senior Molecular Pathology Scientific Officer (LSMPSO) to support the development and delivery of pathology strategies to the Centre. Together with the LSMPSO, the successful candidate will manage the core team to assist in the optimisation of novel antibodies, implementation of in situ hybridisation techniques and others to the Centre.

The work will involve:

  • Managing the core facility, ensuring timely provision of histology and immunohistochemistry services while effectively prioritising workload, managing budget, ensuring sensible use and stock of consumables/reagents, and managing staff.
  • Optimizing systems for documenting/tracking tissue samples entering and leaving the core facility
  • Documenting and developing SOPs, good record keeping, documentation and archiving
  • Performing and optimizing routine procedures in a knowledgeable and proficient manner (these include tissue preparation, microtomy, cryotomy and tinctorial staining, immunohistochemistry and in-situ hybridization techniques, construction of tissue microarrays, isolation of biomolecules from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues).
  • Work closely with the LSMPSO and support pathology strategies to the Centre
  • Digital imaging/ image analysis
  • Act as Safety Supervisor and ensure safe working environment, consistent with all prevailing statutory requirements and professional guidance

Applicants should have experience in histopathology techniques, either from a routine histopathology or research laboratory setting, and some knowledge of digital pathology. Thorough knowledge of tissue processing, histological techniques and immunohistochemical stains is essential, together with excellent organisational skills. Experience in the optimisation of novel antibodies for use in immunohistochemical staining is required, as is experience in microscopy and breast cancer tumour. Applicants will work in the core facility with core team and will possess the ability to work in a self-regulated way and as team-player. The successful candidate will have excellent managerial skills and understand the importance of high quality in procedures and output.

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