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Group Leader in Translational Neuroscience / Neurology at Bizkaia Talent

This job is brought to you by Bizkaia Talent, a non-profit organization funded by the Department for Economic Development of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia. Its main objective is to attract highly skilled professionals to the Basque Country by connecting them with the opportunities within the leading innovation and technology companies and universities there.

Company description
Ikerbasque – the Basque Foundation for Science and the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), fostered the creation of the Basque center for neuroscience research, named in the memory of Nicolas Achucarro (Bilbao, 1880-1918), a pioneer of modern brain research.

The main strategic objective of Achucarro is to contribute to the development of a socially and economically sustainable Society. To do this we strive to perform world-class research in the study of neuron-glia biology in the normal and pathological brain. This research focus will allow us to contribute to the training of future generations of neuroscientists and be an active partner in the dissemination of the human knowledge about the brain.

Achucarro focuses its research on the brain function in physiology and pathophysiology, with a particular emphasis on:

In-depth understanding of the organisation and information processing in neural circuitries;
Identification of genetic and molecular backgrounds of neural circuits during development and ageing;
Characterisation of genetic, molecular and cellular mechanisms of neurodegenerative and autoimmune-mediated brain diseases; and
Translational research aimed at the development of new strategies for the treatment of brain diseases.

Main functions
Achucarro Basque Center for Neuroscience (Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain) together with Ikerbasque is willing to recruit qualified Group Leaders to join our new facilities in the Science Park of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU).

Achucarro is a fundamental and translational research centre devoted to the investigation in glial cells that has recently moved to brand new facilities in the main campus of the UPV/EHU located in Leioa near Bilbao.

Women candidates are encouraged to apply as they are currently underrepresented in this field. Our centre is committed to the principles of Open, Transparent, Merit-based (OTM-R) and equal opportunities recruitment processes, and hence, we endorse the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment, and the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

Only researchers with a solid publication track and advanced research experience in the field of glia biology will be considered.

Bizkaia Talent offers a range of services, such as dual career support for those individuals who are coming to the region on a work contract, and also advice to those who are considering Basque Country as their next work destination. To access these services and support, please register on the Bizkaia Talent website.

To apply for this post, please click on the Apply button below, which will direct you to the Bizkaia Talent website for further instructions.

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