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Associate/Assistant Professor in Moisture and Porous Construction Materials at Technical University of Denmark

The Department of Civil Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark invites applications for a position as assistant or associate professor in Moisture and Porous Construction Materials.

Responsibilities and tasks
The assistant or associate professor will have his/her primary responsibilities in research and in research-based teaching.

The research area comprises porous inorganic construction materials, which are not cement based, in particular, the materials’ interaction with moisture. The moisture state of porous inorganic construction materials such as burned brick and unburned brick, masonry, gypsum and natural stone significantly influences their engineering properties, for example strength, creep, shrinkage and heat transfer. Moreover, moisture plays an important part in many degradation processes of construction materials.

The research is focused on achieving an improved and quantitative understanding of the underlying, coupled, multi-scale, chemical and physical relations. With such understanding, it becomes possible to tailor materials to a specific structural performance and to improve methods for maintenance and repair of existing structures.

The candidate should have a generic research approach, where the focus is on both the intended and the unintended transport and fixation of moisture within inorganic construction materials.
The department has a well-equipped laboratory, which includes advanced experimental equipment such as

  • Dynamic Vapour Sorption (DVS) equipment
  • Low-temperature calorimeters for assessment of pore size distribution
  • X-ray absorption set-up for mapping moisture transport
  • Cup method equipment for measuring water vapour permeability

The candidate is expected to apply for external funding in collaboration with other research institutions as well as companies.

The candidate is expected to teach courses in construction materials in general at BEng, BSc and MSc level. Moreover, supervision of student exam projects will be an integral part of the job.

Other content of the position:

  • Associate Professors – Responsibilities related to PhD and Postdoc supervision, research project management, and academic departmental work.
  • Assistant Professors – will have to complete DTU’s education in university teaching (UDTU) and is expected to co-supervise PhD students.

The field of Construction Materials is highly multi-disciplinary. Therefore, research and teaching are carried out in cooperation with colleagues across DTU as well as external partners in the industry.

Candidates for an

  • Assistant Professorship must hold a PhD degree (or equivalent)
  • Associate Professorship must hold a PhD degree (or equivalent) as well as academic qualifications equivalent to those obtained by holding an Assistant Professorship and should document didactic/pedagogic training.

Applicants must possess strong qualifications in research documented through publications and citations in international scientific journals, and through successful collaborations and projects. Moreover, they must document a vision for their contribution to future research in the field of Construction Materials.

The candidate should have experience in experimental techniques to investigate moisture interaction with inorganic, porous construction materials.

Applicants should have documented qualifications and experience (if any) in research-based university teaching. The Department offers educations both at BEng, BSc and MSc level. As BEng courses are taught in Danish and BSc courses in general are taught in Danish, mastering the Danish language is an advantage.

For international candidates, DTU offers Danish language courses, with the purpose of being able to teach in Danish within the first two-three years.

Application procedure:
Please submit your online application no later than 16 May 2018.

To view the full announcement and to apply:

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