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Algorithms Developer/Engineer at Anyvision

As part of a strategic expansion AnyVision is now recruiting excellent algorithm developers/engineers. We are looking for high calibre individuals to work on the creation and deployment of algorithms for our world-leading object recognition technology. You’ll be surrounded by smart, highly-capable people in a collaborative environment that encourages the sharing of knowledge and experience.

We will consider candidates who have a PhD in a strong mathematical discipline (e.g. electrical/computer engineering, computer science, physics, mathematics, software engineering), from a leading university. Excellent communication skills and a willingness to undertake occasional travel are also integral requirements. Strong BSc/MSc candidates with significant experience will also be considered.

The overall compensation package is highly competitive including a very attractive base salary (30-60k per annum depending on experience), relocation assistance, free meals and gym membership, and potential for employee stock options.

Key technical skills we are looking for include some of the following:

  • Experience of algorithm development within a research context
  • Knowledge of good software engineering principles
  • Excellent coding skills in C++ and/or Python
  • Familiarity with Unix/Linux environments
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Experience with optimisation and real-time sensor/signal processing within a commercial setting
  • Experience with OpenCV and computer vision

About our projects

AnyVision is becoming a world-leader in advanced real-time object recognition from big data. Our algorithms are deployed in many situations ranging from authentication, surveillance, security and social settings. Our technology has repeatedly out-performed the biggest names in the industry and is actively deployed all over the world.

About the team

Founded in 2014, achieving significant commercial success in 2016 and expanding rapidly, AnyVision has offices in Tel Aviv, Belfast, and New York, and sales staff all over the world. You will work alongside leading experts, reporting to Prof. Neil Robertson (CTO, AnyVision). Our vibrant and fast-growing research team is based in the UK.

To discuss this position, please contact: Dr. Rolf Baxter, rolf@anyvision.co.uk.

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